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The Laboratory Information Management System
Home page: Welcome to LIMS 2.0
Aleem Bhanji
(Oct 30, 2007)
The TCP Informatics Department is responsible for managing all information related to the approximately 200,000 mice housed at the Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics. The team's primary project is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) website that facilitates the management of all information related to animals housed at TCP. Within the website there are modules that serve the needs of specific user communities such as principal investigators, administrative staff, regulators, animal care technicians and staff scientists.

The project provides three sets of functionality. Customers of the TCP use the website to place orders for services, produce reports, and view accounts. Technicians use the web site to record information about all aspects of animal care including animal husbandry and mating, cryogenic freeze/thaw, transgenic procedures, and other procedures. Principal investigators use the web site to view experimental data generated by the research groups of the TCP as well as to monitor their real time financial accounts.