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RMINC is a library for the R statistical environment designed to read and write MINC volumes as well as perform optimized statistical routines at every voxel of a set of files.


The main development home for RMINC can be found here: - that page includes access to the source code, downloads, bug reporting, and facilities for asking questions (and getting them answered, of course).


The main RMINC documentation comes in the form of a mini-book; find the most recent version here:


Installing the RMINC library the easy way:

  • Download the tarball from the Launchpad RMINC website (current version (March 12, 2008) is 0.4
  • By default, the library will be installed in /usr/share. If you want to change this location, the R_LIBS variable needs to be set:
    export R_LIBS=/build/directory
  • Install the package (example is for the tarball version 0.4):
    R CMD INSTALL RMINC_0.4.tar.gz --configure-args='--with-build-path=/install/directory/minc2'

If you want to make it nice and complicated: 

  • Retrieve a copy of the bazaar repository of the RMINC library
    bzr branch lp:rminc /directory/where/sourcefiles/go
  • Get a copy of the McGill m4 package. They should go in a directory called "m4" inside the root directory of the RMINC installation files.
    cd /directory/where/sourcefiles/go
    mkdir m4
    svn co m4/
  • The R_LIBS variable determines where the library is installed. By default it will be installed under /usr/share. If you want to install the library somewhere else, the R_LIBS environment variable should be set.
    export R_LIBS=/build/directory
  • Run
    chmod u+x
  • Install the package
    R CMD INSTALL /directory/where/sourcefiles/go --configure-args='--with-build-path=/install/directory/minc2'
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