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Always wipe down BSC surfaces, mouse containers and other tools with clidox before and after work.

NO eating or drinking in the lab space - you may leave a water bottle or snack in the hall and take breaks when you need to. 


Remember, some people have desks in the lab space and it is courteous to keep a reasonable and respectful noise level.

Occupational Health for any incident or medical issue related to work (Occupational Health Office, Main Sickkids building, Black Wing, room 5309)

Incident Report (on-line, paper form)

Equipment-specific hazards

  • Tissue Vision - laser

    • Laser hazard

  • OPT -

    • BABB (carcinogen)

  • microMicro-CT-

    • X-ray source hazard

  • Cell culture- avoid

    • Avoid unnecessary traffic

    , wear
    • Wear clean/designated lab coat for TC

    • UV light

  • Ultrasound

  • Procedure room- flammable

    • Flammable cabinet and chemical storage

  • Machine Shop-off

    • Off limits, talk to

    • Owen

  • MRI

    • Magnet/projectile hazard

    • High current hazard

    • Cryogenic hazard