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  • Pydpiper on the SickKids HPF

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# now press Control-"a" (to send a command to screen instead of the shell) followed by Control-"d" (for detach)

[bdarwin@hpf23 ~]$ ^D


Code Block
# starting empty:
screen -ls
No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-matthijs.

# now start a screen
[matthijs@hpf23 ~]$ screen

#.... do things in your screen and detach by using Ctrl+a and then Ctrl+d
# you can see that screen:

[matthijs@hpf23 ~]$ screen -ls
There is a screen on:
    13976.pts-6.hpf23    (Detached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-matthijs.

# you don't have to reattach to the same screen, but can start a new one just by typing screen again:
[matthijs@hpf23 ~]$ screen

# now after doing some work and detaching again, you'll see the following:

[matthijs@hpf23 ~]$ screen -ls
There are screens on:
    13998.pts-6.hpf23    (Detached)
    13976.pts-6.hpf23    (Detached)
2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-matthijs.

# you can reattach to the screen you want by specifying it specifically:
[matthijs@hpf23 ~]$ screen  -r 13998.pts-6.hpf23