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  • Image registration and ANTs tools

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  • a DTI image (dti_image.mnc);
  • a sMRI image of the same subject;
  • a nonlinear sMRI template (template.mnc);
  • rigid transforms approximately aligning the DTI and sMRI images to the template (remember that, as always, this means the template was the fixed image);
  • a single MNI .xfm file (smri_lsq6_to_template.xfm) nonlinearly warping the rigidly-aligned sMRI image to the template (this would be the inverse of the corresponding file produced by currently-existing Pydpiper 2.0.14 and below, but may change in the next release; see the MINC convention section below);
  • separate affine (dti_to_sMRI_lsq60GenericAffine.mat) and nonlinear transforms (dti_to_sMRI_lsq61Warp.nii.gz) in ITK format produced by antsRegistration and together warping the rigidly-aligned DTI to the rigidly-aligned sMRI images.