High Level Overview

  • This page contains information on how to install the Pydpiper, provides a list of additional packages that need to be installed, and provides and general description of how the code is structured.

General Development Guidelines

  • Here is a short but growing list of software development best practices we have developed for Pydpiper.

Core Pydpiper Framework

  • Description of the structure and usage of the core Pydpiper classes: PipelineStage, CmdStage, Pipeline, AbstractApplication, and pipelineExecutor.

Registration File Handling

  • Description of how to use the file handling classes, specifically designed to make coding easier. 

Atom Development

  • Guidelines for writing atoms, pieces of code that inherit directly from the CmdStage class. 

Module Development

  • Guidelines for writing modules, pieces of code that are composed of command stages, atoms and other modules. Modules are the heart of the Pydpiper toolkit.

Application Development

  • Guidelines for developing new Pydpiper applications.
  • These guidelines are intended for non-developers who want to combine existing modules into new applications. Users who want to understand more about the underlying application framework and AbstractApplication class should go to AbstractApplication, linked on the Core Pydpiper Framework page.  

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