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The Mouse Imaging Centre (MICe) at The Hospital for Sick Children was created as a unique resource and comprehensive imaging facility combining the latest state-of-the-art digital medical imaging technologies for the characterization of mouse functional genomics.

The goals of the Mouse Imaging Centre are:

  • To provide a variety of medical imaging technologies adapted to studying genetically modified mice. These technologies include magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, micro computed tomography (micro-CT), ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM), and optical projection tomography (OPT).
  • To screen large numbers of mice for models of human diseases.
  • To image an individual mouse over time to observe development, disease progression and responses to experimental treatment.
  • To develop an exciting team of investigators with expertise in imaging techniques, computer science, engineering, imaging processing, developmental biology and mouse pathology.
  • To work by collaboration with researchers throughout the world.

To achieve these goals, MICe is staffed by an exciting team of about 30 investigators with expertise in imaging techniques, computer science, engineering, imaging processing, developmental biology and mouse pathology. To meet them, take a look at our family tree <link>. If you have any specific questions, this will be a useful resources for determining who you can go to for help.

Getting Started

Below is a list of tasks and resources which will be helpful for getting you started during your first week at MICe.There is an Orientation Committee designed to help you in every way possible. You can follow along in their Checklist for newcomers to determine if you've taken care of everything you need to and if there is anything else left for you to do.

  1. Verify your email is set-up
    • You should have an e-mail account from the domain. Lab related e-mails will be sent there. You can access your e-mails via:
  2. Add yourself to the LISTSERVs
    • You should automatically be added to the micedist LISTSERV when your e-mail account is set-up. Other LISTSERVs, listed below, will not be automatic, and you will need to submit a request to the help desk ( in order to add yourself. Below is a list of LISTSERVs you might be interested in, and who they are managed by.
      • mridist - MRI related news (within MICe only)
      • micejc - Information about MR, Neuroscience and pregnancy journal clubs (within MICe only)

  3. Add the Calendars
    1. Calendars for booking lab equipment/meeting rooms/etc. are currently organized with SickKids Calendar. To be added to any of the calendars you will need to submit a request to the help desk ( Below is a list of calendars you might be interested in:
      • Induction Chamber
      • MICe's 3D Printer
      • MICe's Behaviour Room
      • MICe's Dissecting Scope
      • MICe's Meeting Room
      • MICe's MRI
      • MICe's Tissue Vission

  4. Get Access to LIMS
    • Will you be working with mice? If you don't already have one, you will need to set-up a lims account.
      • Go to the following website:
      • You can use any e-mail to sign up for the account (but the sickkids e-mail would be preferred)

      • You are not an external user; the department you are from is the Mouse Imaging Centre

  5. Get access to mice holding rooms
    • If you have a lims account, you will need to finish some courses before you can have access to the mice holding rooms. Below is a list on the courses you are required to complete. There may be other specialty courses you need to take, so be sure to check with your supervisor. Once these courses are complete, you can requests TCP access by talking to Katie 
      • Colony Management & Mouse Handling - On site
      • Laboratory Safety Training - On site
      • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Training - Online
      • Building Orientation & Safety - Online
      • Euthanasia of Experimental Animals - Online
      • Regulatory Oversight & Animal Ethics - Online

  6. Get access to the change rooms
    • Even if your aren't working with mice, there is a change room with showers and lockers that you might be interested in having access to. You can request access to the change rooms by talking to Katie

  7. Show up to meetings and Journal Club
    • Check out some of these weekly meetings. While only MICe meeting is mandatory, you might be interested in dropping by for some of the others
      • MICe Meeting: Thursdays 3-4pm
      • MR/Computing Meeting: Thursdays 11am-12pm
      • Neuroscience/MR Journal Club: Thursday 1pm-2pm
      • Pregnancy Journal Club: Watch the e-mail for information about the time

Helpful Resources

  1. Lab and Safety Tours
    1. Virtual Tour of the Office and Lab Space
    2. MICe (Safety) Tours
    3. MICe Lab Cheat Sheet
    4. MICe Lab Chores
    5. Lab members
  2. Core MICe publications
  3. Sickkids Resources
  4. Command Line Tools: We all love bash
  5. Awards and Scholarships
    1. Scholarship Oppurtunities
  6. Educational Resources
  7. Conferences
  8. Links to Outside Resources
  9. Computer Issues
  10. Staying Sane in Academia (mental health and wellness)
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