For Graduate Students

The following chart is a compilation from the School of Graduate Studies (University of Toronto) regarding funding opportunities for students. This is the best starting point when looking for scholarships.

Graduate Awards Eligibility Chart

Some scholarships are department specific or have departmental deadlines. Check out the MBP Awards website for information on this.

Other websites to check for more scholarships and information:

Some guidelines:

  • You can only apply to these in your first 18 months as a student
  • Make sure to ask for recommendation letters a month earlier than you need them!
  • Keep in mind that you also should look into exactly what the different awards are looking for, and tell this information to your referees.

Awards to look into: 


  • CIHR: this is for more clinically-relevant projects
  • NSERC: this is for more basic science projects

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 



2019 SWAAC Graduate Student Award of Merit

  • Next time that it's available in Ontario is in 2019
  • Master's or doctoral; domestic or international

  • Submit to Annette Chan:

    • Biographical info in narrative form (1-2 pages)

      • biographical information usually includes information about former and current studies,  areas of interest, research, publications, other awards, interests outside the university, and community or volunteer work.  It's usually in a narrative form, about 1-2 pages in length, and is an opportunity for the nominee to tell the adjudication committee some things about herself, and to explain at greater length her background/interests/passions/ambitions/volunteer work

    • C.V.

    • Transcripts (unofficial is ok if certified)

    • Three letters of reference directly to MBP

      • One letter attesting outstanding academic achievements

      • One letter attesting outstanding leadership in university or general community

Governor General's Gold Medal

  • Must be graduating or about to graduate



Autism Speaks

For International Students

Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowship

  • International from country other than US

Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award

  • 2nd or 3rd year of doctoral programme (3rd or 4th year if direct-entry or transfer from Masters)
  • Should be involved in work that reflects a concerted effort to understand and respond to the changing intellectual landscape in his/her field of study
  • Deadline TBA
  • Up to $25,000 for 1 year

Connaught International Scholarships for Doctoral Students

  • $35,000.00 total per year
  • Nominees must be new international applicants who have or will be offered admission to full-time doctoral or doctoral-stream programs
  • Must start in the Fall (If starting in January, this does not apply)

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Ontario Trillium scholarship

For Travel and Conferences: 

SGS Conference Grant

Also check out individual conferences - they usually have support for travelling. 



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