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Data Wrangling

When dealing with large data sets, changing the shape and format of the data can be cumbersome.

Code Clarity

Not everyone uses them, but much new R code makes use of pipes "%>%" . Elementary piping can be done
with dplyr, however there are more elaborate uses of them.

Note-Keeping and Reproducibility

A central topic in Science is the reproducibility of research. This is not limited to wet-lab/field experiments
but code and analyses as well. To keep you code organized and easily presentable try:

Interactivity and Appification

Historically R was really bad at making interactive programs with GUIs. That's changed recently

Machine Learning

R is reasonably good on the machine learning front, but gets less love than Scikit-Learn, Torch, etc. these


Writing short code bits is pretty straight-forward in R, but serious development is a different ball game