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Each week, one lab chore group (4-6 people) will be emailed to indicate that they are responsible for the lab chores for that week. Each group will also have a lab chore captain.

All lab chores are written on the white board outside of the perfusion room in the lab.

Lab chores can be done on any day of the week, but in general, they are usually done at the end of the week (Thursday/Friday).

Each member of the lab chore group is expected to do 1-2 chores from the white board as needed. Please initial the chores you have completed so it is clear if a chore needs to be checked/done.

This page is meant to give detailed instructions on what is required for each chore but please ask your chore captain or another lab member if you are unclear about instructions.


  • weigh and replace charcoal filters (no more than 50g over, 6 in total)

    - there are 6 charcoal filters in use in the MICe lab (2 - in/around the Agilent MRI, 2 - in/around the Bruker MRI, 1 - beside the large induction chamber in the main lab, 2 - in the ultrasound room in both BSCs, 1 in the ultrasound room (the BSC furthest from the door is now scavenged via the building outlet) )
    - weigh each of the charcoal filters and compare the weights to those initially recorded on the filter
    - if the difference between the two weights is > 50g, it is time to replace the filter
    - full filters can be placed in the perfusion room, in the small clear plastic container beside the flammables cabinet (where we place full chemical waste bottles)
    - new charcoal filters can be found in the ultrasound room, in the cabinet above the sink
    - weigh the new filter and record, attach to appropriate hosing again
    - *note: charcoal filters need to be left horizontal for adequate gas flow*

  • fume hood unclutter

    1st. In the main lab

    2nd. In the ultrasound room

    3rd. In the chemical room

    - the fume hoods should be left as free of clutter as possible

    - full waste bottles can be moved from the fume hood to the clear plastic waste container beside the flammables cabinet. Bottom corner by the 3rd hood.

    - *note: bleach can be added to full PBS waste bottles and the contents can be disposed of in the sink*

    dry glass (empty isoflurane containers and PFA vials) can be put in the broken glass disposal box (next to the door in the perfusion room) (more instructions here)

    - empty vacutainers and wrappers go into regular garbage

  • check day rack supply inventory (order additional supplies as necessary)

    The day rack

    - supplies for mouse cages (and for animal work in general) are found in the cupboard under the E pass thru window

    The cupboard under the E pass thru window

    - a suggested quantity for each of the necessary supply items is found on an inventory list found on the lab bench across from the day rack

    - this chore involves checking the supply list and supply cupboard to make sure that all items (at the necessary quantities) are stocked

    - if items need to be ordered, fill out the supply list with the requested numbers, PI name and date

    The supply list

    - TCP staff come once a day to check the requisition form


  • put away dry tools and glassware (beside sink) - load/unload dishwasher

    The dish area

    - if there are any dirty dishes in the sink, wash (instructions beside sink) or rinse (and put in the dishwasher)

    - any washed glassware drying beside the sink can also be put in the dishwasher (for another cleaning cycle) or away on the shelves above the sink

    Use that dish washer!

    - plastic mouse holders beside the sink that are dry can be put away in the labeled drawer beside the main lab BSC

    Mouse holders and plastic things

    - if dishwasher is mostly full with dishes in need of washing, put the dishwasher on (detergent is under the sink)

    - clean glassware to be put away on shelf above sink (cover graduated cylinders and Erlenmeyer flasks with tin foil found near the sink)

    - clean/dry tools (forceps, scissors, hemostats, etc) to be put away in the black plastic storage unit on the bench in the perfusion room

  • replace any full sharps containers

    - there are 2 sharps containers (1 RED cytotoxic, 1 YELLOW biohazard) in each BSC and fume hood (total:6)

    Sharp boxes

    - once these are full (sharps reach the line indicated on the outside of the container), they are to be closed (plastic tab pushed into the top of the container) and...

    - YELLOW sharps containers: put beside the garbage in the main lab

    - RED sharps containers: put inside the red cytotoxic waste bin (beside garbage in the main lab) 

    Full closed boxes go here

    - If the red bucket is full, the full bags go to the cytotoxic waste disposal box on the loading dock (more instructions here)

    Upstairs in the loading dock. Red bag goes in the box.

    - Replace the containers your discarded.

    Maybe ask a tall friend?

  • stock gloves, underpads, syringes, isoflurane, etc as needed

    - supplies (needles, syringes, tape, gloves, etc) beside the fume hood and main lab BCS need to be stocked
    - most supplies can be found in the perfusion room (ex. gloves, syringes)

    - *note: if you notice we are low on any supplies, please write the item on the white board outside the perfusion room with product details and your initials*


  • chemical waste inventory + disposal (see Shoshana if it's your first time)

    Note that box o' bottles

    - if the clear plastic box next to the flammable cabinet is relatively full, this chore should be done
    - record in your notebook the volumes of the chemical waste inventory in the box and make sure each of the bottles is properly labeled with chemical name 'waste' and 'MICe' (waste labels are found on top of the flammable cabinet)
    - email Shoshana the recorded volumes.
    - transfer chemicals to black plastic box outside of CMMR entrance (in F2 hall)
    Bottles go in the black box


  • tidy b-in-b prep area

    The b-in-b prep area

    - put away tools into tray available in the prep area
    - other supplies can be put away into the drawer below the bench space (sponges, tubes, caps, etc)
    - change benchpad if necessary


  • CLIDOX - fresh bottles for 2 biosafety cabinets + MR room

    A bottle of middle aged clidox

    - both BSCs and the Bruker MR room need clidox bottles for animal work
    - if the clidox in these rooms doesn't look bright yellow, switch the solution (fresh clidox can be found on the bench across from the mouse day rack - order more if needed - instructions above)
    - clidox can damage the plastic bottles we use them in, so if you notice that they are starting to show damage, order new ones from TCP



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