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Mission and Scope

What business problem does this project address? 

Managing all information related to the approximately 200,000 mice housed at the Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics.

What is the goal of this project?

This project will produce a website that will facilitate the management of all information related to animals housed at TCP. Within the website will be modules that serve the needs of specific user communities such as principal investigators, administratieve staff, regulators, animal care technicians and staff scientists.

What is the scope of this project?

The project will provide three sets of functionality. Customers of the TCP will use the web site to place orders for services, produce reports, and view accounts. Technicians will use the web site to record information about all aspects of animal care including animal husbandry and mating, cryogenic freeze/thaw, transgenic procedures, and other procedures. Principal investigators will use the web site to view experimental data generated by the research groups of the TCPWhat development methodology is being used?We focus on up-front planning and then iterate during in-house development. We use a few practices from Agile Development: continuous integration, regression testing, and gradual refactoring. But, that all leads up to a scheduled, major quarterly release that satisfies the Feature Set Use Cases.

Project Documents

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